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Terms and conditions for using our mobile device repair services


By using our booking service you must agree to the following terms and conditions. You agree that you allow Fixed In A Flash to access the item / items listed in order to repair them. You agree that any verbally agreed or email agreed quotation will be paid for on collection of the device. If payment is not made within 28 days of any agreed work, the item / items will then become the property of Fixed In A Flash. On extremely rare occasions the Touch I.D sensor or Face I.D sensor can stop working and due to it’s intricate design it can easily be damaged during the removal process, you understand that Fixed In A Flash will not be liable if this happens. You also understand that Fixed In A Flash will not be held responsible for any data loss. Warranty will cover faulty parts but not if the device has been opened elsewhere or the glass has been cracked / heavily scratched etc. You accept that if Fixed In A Flash is unable to test any components (which would be noted down) at the time of booking in the repair, no responsibility will be accepted by Fixed In A Flash if they are not working after the repair is completed. In the extremely unlikely event your device is irreparably damaged by Fixed In A Flash we would replace your device with a like for like replacement which would be a pre-owned device in a very similar condition to how your device arrived for repair. As an example, if your device arrived with a broken screen we would supply another with a broken screen unless you were happy to pay the original repair cost and then we would supply a fully working model.


Fixed In A Flash will not distribute any personal information to third parties.

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